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... proactively reach out and help others? *

give our show an affiliate account and link to your product so we can share a special to our listeners during the show *

This gives us both a WIN-WiN, so that we know how many listeners from the show come convert to your product and purchase from you, and it helps support the show with the affiliate income you would pass on to us.

... share the show out before, during and after the broadcast to your audiences on multiple social platforms using our initial post to share from? *

i.e. we post and tag you on a platform like Pinterest after the show, you share that out by pinning it to your boards at least twice after the show; i.e. we post and tag you on Twitter and Facebook before the show, you share that out to your audiences at least 2 times before and 2 times after the show; i.e. we post and tag you on Instagram, you add hashtags and @ tag friends to the post so they see it or share the post with them on IM's in Instagram at least once before and once after the show; i.e. we upload the show to YouTube and various podcast platforms like iTunes, you share the video or episode out from at least YouTube and one podcast platform after the show and have a listener of yours write at least one review of the show

What previous experience, if any, do you have as a guest on a live video recorded interview podcast show? *

Please give as much detail as you can about previous shows you have been on, their subjects, link to them, and your role on the show.
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